Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Television in the Christman House :)

Well.... as most of you know, I enjoy watching some good ol' television in the evenings (especially after a long day at work). Most of my good shows have ended for the summer....if you need a reminder of all the shows I watched, you can check out my blog titled "Way too much TV".
Not to worry, I have been able to pick up some good shows for the summer to keep myself entertained in the evenings. I am currently into:
- The Little Couple
- Real Housewives of New Jersey (sad, I know)
- Kate Plus Eight (again, sad)
- 24 (we are watching all the seasons on DVD, we are currently finishing season six!)

I am always open for more suggestions for some good shows- let me know if you watch anything else!!!!

P.S. Sorry for the long delay in blog postings.... things have been busy around the Christman house..... mostly Rusty and I being addicted to watching 24 ;)
Who else thinks that Jack Bauer is amazing and could save this whole world??? I am not sure what we are going to do without him (since the show ended this season).....

Rusty saw someone wearing this t-shirt the other day..... LOVE IT!!!!

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