Thursday, June 3, 2010

Golden Girls and some Nachos :)

Today we remember Rue McClanahan, Blanche Devereaux from the Golden Girls. She passed away this morning at 1am from a stroke. I can not believe another Golden Girl has died- that only leaves poor Rose (Betty White) left. Anyone who knows me (even just a little bit) knows that I LOVE me some Golden Girls!!!! My favorite show of all time- I only hope to be a "golden girl" one day. My best friend Julie and I are already signed up- we are taking future applications, if you are interested :)
Here is one of my favorite clips of Blanche, from an episode called "Isn't it Romantic"!

On a side note- are you tired of having the same thing for dinner??? Rusty and I were in this situation this evening and came up with this idea- here is a picture for your enjoyment!!!!

Nachos with grilled chicken, salsa, sour cream, cheese, black beans, and peppers! They were so yummy and a nice change to the "normal" dinners we usually end up making!

On another side note- I am loving my new job!!! I finished with orientation last week and went out on my own this week. It is going well and I really, really enjoy doing home visits. My schedule is awesome (especially since I get to make my own) and the flexibility is nice.
Tomorrow is Friday and then its the weekend- can't wait! Gotta go for now- finishing up the last two episodes of season five of 24 and then its on to season six :)

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