Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall TV is BACK!!!!!

My life has gotten just a little bit better these past few days...... all because fall TV is BACK!!
My husband and I are officially addicted to TV- something he got me into when we got married. I don't really mind it, because it gives us a reason to cuddle on the couch together with the pups!
Here are the fall TV shows that we are or plan to follow (when they start):
- Amazing Race
- Biggest Loser
- Dancing with the Stars
- Survivor
- How I Met Your Mother
- Big Bang Theory
- Kate Plus 8 (this one I only watch and yes I am embarrassed to admit it!)

We are thinking about checking out Modern Family and The Event- but who knows!

Thank the lord for DVR!! We would not know what to do without it! Not only does it allow you to always catch your favorite TV shows but you don't have to watch commercials!! I have a hard time watching "live" TV thanks to DVR!

What shows will you be checking out this fall??


  1. I definitely recommend Modern Family! LOVE it! Love HIMYM, BBT too. You may like Running Wilde too. It's on FOX and premiered Tuesday night. It was great!! Hilarious!