Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to My New Blog World!

Thank you Paige for hooking me up with some good advice about making collages! I worked on this for a few days... I believe that I am slow learner, but hey at least I did it :)
I still have to figure out how to make my blog title look a little better... but there is always tomorrow and the weekend!
I hope you enjoy my new blog look! Let me know what you think- I hope you are able to get a little look into my life through my pictures!!
This is not the change I was talking about in my previous post (just in case if thats what you were thinking). You will still have to wait a little longer to find out what "that" change is- sorry Jodi ;)


  1. I have my guesses....that's all I will say!

  2. I know this is killing you two, but I promise it is nothing too fun ;)

  3. Monica, the collage looks great!! I had a guess until I read your last comment. :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments! Love the collage header!