Friday, September 24, 2010

Get Out of Town!!!!!!!!

If you live in Southern Pennsylvania, you know what I am talking about!! They have invaded our state, county, town, and neighborhood! They make our lives miserable, they look gross, and they even smell bad! They are about the size of a nickel, but don't let their size fool you- they will get you!
They are the........ STINK BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We usually do not have this problem, but for some reason they are CRAZY this year in our area. There have been featured in newspapers, magazines, articles, and news reports all about these crazy bugs. They have even been featured in the top story on yahoo- titled "Stink Bugs Invade Pennsylvania". Per experts, they are moving south and have now been spotted in Maryland- so watch out you Southern folks! You have been warned!

They love light and hang out on your house all day in the sun and then once it gets cooler at night, they try to make their way inside for warmth and light. They know exactly when you are getting ready to open your door and just like that are inside. I think I have officially become a crazy woman with them- I scream, yell, and run from them. There is just something about them that freaks me out!!!

So, next time you walk outside and see what looks like an "innocent little bug" think twice!!!! Does anyone else have these little annoying bugs flying around their area? I would love to know that I am not the only crazy person that HATES them.....

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