Thursday, September 9, 2010

North Carolina Weekend Recap!

I headed out of town to North Carolina this weekend in this wonderful little car for a six hour drive (by myself since Rusty couldn't get off of work)

I stayed with Alex and Freddy- one of my favorite couples to hang with!!

and spent some quality time with some great college friends

while attending Erin and Tom's wedding! She was absolutely beautiful- her dress was amazing and the reception was a good time.

It was a wonderful mini Tri-Sigma reunion- I miss my girls from college :(

No trip to North Carolina would be complete with some Bojangles and a stop at Potomac Mills to pick up the hubby some of his favorite shoes!!!

It was a great weekend, always fun to catch up with old friends and get away for a few days! Until next time, I will hold the memories we made and the taste of Bojangles Chicken biscuit and sweat tea close to my heart :)

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