Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just Call Him Chef Rusty!

I know it has been awhile since I have blogged.... it has been a weird past couple of days! I have been in a funk- trying to work my way out!! I am not sure why I have been this way- but this beautiful fall weather day has made it a little better!
Not to mention, that nothing too exciting has been happening in my life! Tonight Rusty and I both had an eye doctor appointment and got to pick out some new glasses, which is always exciting. Both of our prescriptions were increased- gotta love having bad eyes and hearing the news that they have only gotten worse- ha!

On a positive note- Rusty made an amazing dinner on Sunday! He is always able to come up with some great ideas for dinner and everything is always so good. This Sunday, he made Chicken Kabobs. Here are some pictures while he was busy preparing and grilling away!!

They turned out so good and we even had enough to have left overs on Monday! Nothing like enjoying a good meal Sunday evening and then knowing that you don't have to cook on Monday :)

Once we finished dinner on Sunday, we call the pups back inside from the deck. I walked outside on the deck to find this sweet little face- she absolutely loves the deck and was trying to tell me that she was not ready to come back inside!!

Sorry for the glow on her eyes- but you can still see just how cute she is- ha!

On a side note- I think Rusty is in just as much funk as me! He is a devoted Dallas Cowboy fan and is feeling the pain of their 0-2 start. I hope (for his sake) they are able to pull off a win this Sunday. Game time in the Christman house is always entertaining- everyone has their jerseys on, including the pups! Here are the pups getting ready for another day of Cowboy football.

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