Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coming to you LIVE from my NOT so comfy OFFICE :(

I really hate that I have to write about this.... but MD/PA is getting hit with yes another winter storm :( We are expected to get another 20 inches or so..... I really have no idea where we are going to put all this lovely white stuff!!!!!!!!!
However, I really hate to have to write this next sentence- I am stuck at work!!! Driving home an hour from work and trying to get back in tomorrow in all this snow was not going to happen and well, duty calls- so here I am writing this blog LIVE from my OFFICE at work :( I guess there are worse things that could be happening- but sleeping at work is not fun! I miss my pups.... and well I guess Rusty too hahaha ;)
As most of you know, I work on an in-patient hospice unit. I could not bring myself to sleep in any of the empty rooms- just a little too weird for me. I decided that sleeping in my office on a recliner would be a better option!!! I will let you all know how that goes. I am thinking that I will at least be here for tonight and tomorrow night- hopefully I will be able to go home on Thursday!!!
Until next time, you can find me trying to curl up in my office and attempting to get some sleep!! Enjoy the snow, because I am really hoping this is the last time we see it for this season :)


  1. Feeling sorry for me yet??? Stay safe and comfy!

  2. I do feel sorry for you, and to think that you have to deal with all that snow by yourself! Jason better get home soon!!! I am so over all this winter stuff and snow :( I hope you are feeling better, I read your blog and saw that you were not feeling the best....

  3. oh man monica....that sucks you have to stay at work, but at least you don't have to get out on the roads! enjoy your time in your office! should make for lots of blogging time! =)