Monday, February 22, 2010

Tips For Tuesday- Grocery Shopping

I have been looking around on several different blogs and noticed that there are little "special" topics you can do on certain days... I have decided to do my best to stay on top of these. Not only are they fun but it gives you something to blog about.... without happening to think too much :)

So, here it goes.... Tips For Tuesday, just a little early :)

A lot of people hate going grocery shopping, but it is actually something that I enjoy doing. Here are a few tips that I find helpful:
1. Check your frig and pantry before you head out, so you know what you already have and what you need
2. Plan your meals for the week, so that you know the essential times you will need to buy
3. After looking in your frig/pantry and planning your meals for the week, make a lift of the items you will need
4. Bring any coupons that you have clipped or saved for the week
5. What at the store, try to buy products that are on sale or buy the store brand to help save extra money. Just think, you could do something fun with all the extra money you are able to save :)
6. Try not to over buy on fruits, vegetables, or dairy products that might expire before you are able to use them
7. Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry- it will never go well
8. Try to go shopping with someone, Julie and I often go shopping together. It makes shopping more fun and gives you someone to talk to :)
9. Plan your shopping trip during "off" times- going late at night (if your store is open 24-hours) or plan to avoid Monday nights, Saturday, or Sundays
10. Always remember to treat yourself to something yummy for the week :) Something sweet or salty is always nice!

Well, I hope you all were able to learn a little something or at least have fun reading my top ten tips for grocery shopping. Can't wait to read more Tips For Tuesdays... I will try to come up with something a little bit more interesting for next week :)


  1. where are these blogging ideas you are talking about? Cute idea and good tips :o)

  2. ummmm I have seen:
    Tips for Tuesday
    Talk Tuesday
    Wordless Wednesday
    Weekend Overview (for Monday)
    I can't think of the others... I will look around some more and let you know any others that I come up with :)

  3. There is also Thankful Thursdays!

    My tip is to take your time and enjoy it...don't be in a hurry! i have the best time trying to get the best buy!! =)