Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cooking, Cooking, Cooking

I had some extra time this evening, so I decided to make some Cream of Chicken Corn Soup. Growing up, I never really cared too much for cream soups. However, I happened to try some cream of chicken corn soup while I was at my neighbors house for a party and I have been in love ever since. I got the recipe from my neighbor and gave it a try during one of the snow storms that we had- it was delicious!!
So, when I had some extra time this evening I thought I would make another pot! It is pretty easy to make and oh so yummy :) Here is the recipe- courtesy of my neighbor, Angie.

Cream of Chicken Corn Soup:
2 pounds of chicken
3 cans of canned corn- drained
2 cans of diced carrots- drained
2 cans of diced potatoes- drained
one large can of cream of chicken (or three small cans)
1 bag of egg fluffy noodles
4 hard boiled eggs- diced
5 cubes of Chicken Seasoning
Boil chicken in large pot, let cool and then shred
Boil 4 eggs until hard boiled, dice in small cubes
Boil noodles in the water used to boil chicken
Mix 5 cubes of chicken seasoning and water- microwave until cubes are dissolved
Mix chicken, corn, carrots, potatoes, noodles, eggs, chicken seasoning in crock pot
Salt and Pepper to your taste
Add water (to your preference, depending on how think you like your soup)
Cook in crock pot for 3-4 hours
Serve with oyster crackers

Here is a picture...

Let me know if you try out this recipe- I would love to know what you all think. Rusty and I love it, it makes a great meal in cold weather or a snow storm :)

P.S. They are calling for another winter storm in PA on Monday and Tuesday- please say some prayers that it misses PA. I don't think that I can do another overnight adventure at work....


  1. Yummy, sounds good! I will have to try it! Sounds like it makes enough to feed an ARMY!!! Should I cut it down for just me and Jason?

  2. Love the signature. This sounds good, but my favorite is your chix noodle soup! Are we driving together tm? I'd like to be there at 730?! Let me know!

  3. Ashley- it fills my whole crock pot, but it heats up really nice. I make that much for Rusty and I and it lasts us for several days for dinner and lunches. If you don't mind leftovers then I would just make it the same, if you don't want as much left over then you can cut it in half.
    Julie- I will have to make my chicken noodle sometime soon.... its been awhile!