Monday, February 15, 2010

Seriously, more SNOW???????????

I really am not sure how much more snow I can really take.....after three blizzards in one winter and numerous other snow storms, I think it is enough for the season. However, my hopes and wishes were crushed today at about 2pm. I was busy doing work at my desk, only to look out my window and see MORE SNOW!!!! Thank goodness it has not amounted to much- but seriously mother nature, don't you think we have enough white fluffy stuff laying around????????????

All of this snow talk makes me want to be right in the middle of the picture in a boat, relaxing with a good book and the warm sun :) At least a girl can dream, right????

Maybe come April or May we will finally at least be able to see the grass at our house....... I think in the mean time I should work on planning a trip to somewhere warm, sunny, and peaceful ;) I am open to ideas. As I sit here and watch The Bachelor (I know, I know) and watch them hanging out in St. Lucia, I am thinking that might be a nice place to visit. It looks absolutely beautiful!!!


  1. You should go to St Lucia, and take me along ; )

  2. we haven't had nearly as much as ya'll and i'm sick of it!! i want to take a warm sunny vacay too!

  3. Ashley- I do feel sorry for you! I do not even want to think about the amount of snow that you guys get.... thank god you will be out of there soon!!!
    Julie- lets plan something :) It would be a blast!
    Jodi- anythwere warm and sunny sounds nice! You and the hubby should go back to your honeymoon spot for a little getaway!

  4. how about you come to NC and see ME! its warm here in the summer and we have beaches TWIN!!! :)

  5. Andrea, that sounds good too :)