Sunday, February 21, 2010

What A Productive Weekend :)

I live for the weekends.... most of the time because I know that I can kick back and relax after a busy week. However, this weekend was a little different. I picked up an extra shift on Saturday at the hospital- so I ended up working a little extra this week. I don't really mind picking up extra shifts here and there- I like to stay busy and the extra cash is NICE :) The only down fall is your housework tends to be placed on the back burner. When I came home on Saturday I noticed that my house needed some serious TLC- not to mention my closet and laundry!!

So......I decided (well Rusty and I both decided) that we would be good today and clean up around the house and get some much needed chores out of the way. Even though it was the last thing that I possibly wanted to do on my only day off for the week. At least I know it is was taken care of and we can relax this week when we get home from work and next weekend :)

Here is a list of everything that we accomplished throughout the day.....

Cleaned (from top to bottom)-
Sun Room
Family Room
Living Room
Dining Room
Powder Room
Dusted the whole house
Cleaned out the Frig
Cleaned my closet (it was really bad- its a walk in closet and you were no longer able to walk in it.... sad, I know)
Vacuumed the whole house
Cleaned the hard floors
Completed two loads of laundry (have another to go.... but ran out of time, that will be the only chore on my list for tomorrow)
Finally, had dinner over some friends house and watched an episode of 24... at least we had a little fun in our day :)

Needless to say, we were busy today! It felt good to get so much accomplished today and to sit back and look at a clean and organized house :)
Hope everyone has a good week, I am praying for a calm and quiet week!!! I will let you all know how that turns out!
P.S. Julie's husband Danny came home today.... we can't wait to hang out with them! They are our best friends and its so nice when he is home and we all get to hang out. It's like we never missed a beat!

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