Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mission Accomplished ;)

I thought I would update you from my previous blog about the big snow storm they were calling for..... well it happened!!! We got about 2.5 feet of snow in good ol' Spring Grove!!! It started Friday around 12noon and didn't stop until about 4pm on Saturday. We had yet again, another winter wonderland outside of our house :)

Rusty and I did our best to stay on top of the snow, we ended up shoveling three times on Friday night and four times Saturday. Having a snow blower would have come in handy this weekend, however, we were lucky enough to have a neighbor who had one and helped us clear our sidewalks. It was really very nice because we have a very long sidewalk that runs in front of our house. Our neighborhood did not get cleared until about 7pm Saturday night.... here is a picture of our street- looking up from our house.

Rusty and I built a deck over the summer and we absolutely love it, although we have not gotten to use it that much!!! It was finished the last weekend in September right before we went away on vacation for our one year anniversary. When we got back, it was already too cold to sit outside and enjoy the deck :( We have gotten to use it about 3-4 times during the fall when it was not too cold, but needless to say we are looking forward to this Spring and Summer. The reason I bring this up in my "snow adventure" blog is because I was certain that the deck was going to fall with all the weight from the snow!! Rusty and my dad assured me that it would not- but I still had a little bit of fear inside of me! Here is a picture of the snow that was on top of the table that we have on our deck- this is just half of what was on the poor deck of ours.....

Now for some of the fun moments of the weekend- Rusty and I enjoyed most of our weekend catching up on some TV shows and eating some good food!!! I made some homemade Cream of Chicken Corn Soup- it turned out really good and we enjoyed munching on it throughout the weekend!! We also spend a little bit of time trying to go sledding outside of our house with our neighbors.... it was fun but it was a LONG hill to walk back up once you got to the bottom!!! The dogs also seemed to enjoy the snow, although they got very cold outside in it!! They liked to put their little faces in the snow and eat it :) Here are a few pictures of them outside in their little snow jackets!!!!

Sophia out in the snow.... isn't her little pink, fur coat just so cute ;)

Snickers in his little read coat- notice all the snow on his face, he had just gotten done sticking his face in the snow!

The pups and I outside, trying to keep warm!!! They have had a fun time trying to find places they can go potty... poor things!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our winter wonderland weekend- Rusty and I had a good weekend hanging out with the pups and relaxing! It was a much needed weekend of doing pretty much NOTHING at all!!!
Until next time- enjoy!!!!


  1. wow-lots of snow! looks like a fun weekend inside! =)

  2. P.S- I only got one call so far for my weekend on call, and lucky for me I was able to handle it from home :) Let's pray that continues until 9pm!!!!

  3. WOW--looks like my driveway! LOVE the doggy jackets and them with the snow on their face!!! You're a lot nicer to them than we are to Sesi--sometimes we let her out when we are grilling out and if she puts one paw on the stairs to go off the porce we throw her in the snow--and she disappears :o) Needless to say, we have a cat that does NOT go off the porch! haha :o)