Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You Might Live In The Country If......

Your neighbors put out coolers (like what you put ice in to keep things cold....) on the corner of their driveways- of course on top of the huge piles of snow. You might ask why they are doing this????? (don't worry, I asked Rusty the same thing). Instead of taking the time to clear the snow out in front of their mail so their mail can be placed inside of their ACTUAL box, they place their cooler out. They put a big note on the cooler saying "US MAIL".... I just don't know about some people!!!! I guess they put the handle of their coolers up in the air if they have mail that needs to be picked up????????

If you look closely, you can see the blue cooler sitting on top of the snow...

You live so far away from a chain pizza place (like Domino's of Papa Johns) that none of them will deliver to your house!! Therefore, if you are having a craving you are forced to drive twenty minutes to get your pizza. This is exactly what Rusty and I ended up doing tonight (after I got home from work and told Rusty that I really wanted some pizza.... thanks to Julie giving me the idea on our ride home from work). We were so hungry on our way to get the pizza that after we picked it up we ended up eating half of the pizza on the way home!!!!!!! So much for a nice dinner at the kitchen table, right? But that pizza tasted darn good :)

It is so quiet around your house at night that you often hear random noises that your house makes. When Rusty and I first moved into our new house, we would often lay in bed at night and say to each other.... what was that? Did you hear that? Do you think that is normal? After about two weeks or so.... and Rusty getting up multiple times to "check" on the noises we kept hearing, we realized that it was our house settling into the newly created lot. After we finally figured this out, the large butcher knife finally found its way back to its home in the kitchen (not that Rusty would have the nerve to stab anyone.....)

Around football season (at the local High School) you are able to hear the broadcaster yell, "TOUCHDOWN ROOOOOOCKETS". The way the broadcaster gets so excited and keeps you up to date with play by play information, you would think they were actually a pretty decent team. However, the last thing we are usually able to hear him say is, Visiting team 63 Rockets 3...... sad, I know. Maybe one day we will hear the broadcaster say that the poor Rockets won, although he might just have a heart attack (seeing that he gets so excited when they loose all the time).

Well, I hope you enjoyed my look into the life Rusty and I live in the good ol' country side of Pennsylvania :) I am not complaining at all, I would take the country over the city ANY day. We love our lovely house in PA!!! Until next time... enjoy the rest of the week. I have to get through tomorrow and then I am off on Thursday.... yay!!!!!