Monday, March 22, 2010

Beauty Queen and King!!!

Snickers and Sophia were in need of a good hair cut.... so this evening they went to see Ms. Jenn (their groomer at Petsmart) and got the whole deal done!!! Bubble bath, cut, style, and a wonderful smelling finish spray!!!! They live a pretty good life!!! Here is a picture of them nice and pretty :) They had a hard time standing still for the picture, they were waiting for a treat haha. Not the best picture... and I have no idea why Snickers eyes are glowing...

For their reward, they got a dental stick... they love them. I am not sure if they realize they are actually healthy for them.... if only it as that easy for us when we are trying to eat healthy food haha

I think the cutest thing of the evening was little Snickers who just loves to go see Ms. Jenn. While we were driving to Petsmart and were coming up on the intersection of the store, Snickers started recognizing where he was and started to cry out of excitement. It was so cute.... he got even more excited once we turned into the shopping center!!! I have never seen a dog that enjoys going to the groomers.... but nothing surprises me with my dogs!!!

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