Friday, March 26, 2010


I can not remember the last time I was this excited for a weekend!!!! Not only do I have just about nothing work related to do for the weekend, but I also have off monday. A THREE DAY WEEKEND FOR ME :) After this week, I am in major need of some much needed ME time!!!!!!!!!!! I plan to do a lot of relaxing this weekend and on Monday.
Tonight, Rusty and I are going out to dinner with our neighbors to a little cafe in our town. Nothing too fancy, but they have really good cream of crab soup (this is what I am most looking forward to). We then plan to catch up on some 24- we have gone all week without watching an episode!!! Can you tell we have been busy...
Tomorrow, I am taking the pups over my parents house. My dad has to work, so my mom and I are going to hang out for the day. We have not had any girl time (plus the pups) in awhile, so it will be nice. We plan to get some chinese food for lunch and maybe a little shopping- sounds like a good time to me :) Saturday evening Rusty and I plan to do a lot of NOTHING.... he has to work on Saturday so we will probably just lay around and relax- we are an exciting couple, huh?
Sunday, we will probably do some chores around the house and get ready for the week. Sunday afternoon we are going to go see Mike, Jenn, and Luke (Rusty's brother's family). Luke's (our nephew) second birthday was last week, so we will be celebrating his big day!!
Then Monday I have off, which just to remind everyone again, means a three day weekend for me!!!!!!!!! It is a very rare occurance for me, so when it happens I have to get very excited about it!!!! It will make for a wonderful weekend!
My goal for next week is to have some more exciting blog topics.... ideas are welcome!!!!!!

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