Monday, March 29, 2010

Decisions, Decisions....and some coupons on the side!

Have you ever had a really big decision to make?? You think you know what you want, but then you start to second guess yourself....I hate that feeling. I seem to over think EVERYTHING, which does not help when you have decisions to make!!

What do you guys do when you have these big decisions to make??? I tend to make a pro and con list for all the possible decisions... helps you look at each option from every angle. I also try to listen to my heart, which is sometimes hard (especially if you are not sure what your heart is telling you...)

I know that things will work out, the way they are suppose to. I just have to give myself time to make the right decision that I am going to feel comfortable with.

On a side note... I had off today. My three day weekend was WONDERFUL! I only wish the weather was a little nicer. I spent the day running some errands and taking care of some business.

I went to the grocery store today and made history!! As you all might remember from my previous post, "Just Call me Coupon Queen", I am really into using coupons to save some extra money!! Today I planned my trip to the grocery store based on the coupons I had, the sales at the store, and our needs. I am pleased to announce that for the first time I saved more than I spent today!!! My bill started off at $90 before I used my bonus card. After using my bonus card it went down to $70, then after using my coupons it went down to $44.76- which means that I saved $45.24!!! My ultimate goal was to save more than I spent, which I accomplished! Some of this is thanks to my $10 off coupon that I had if you spent more than $40, but still I accomplished my goal :) Thanks again Jodi for the coupon motivation!!!!

I also had some fun today with my nephew Huntington! I went over to my mom's house, where he was spending the night, and dyed some Easter eggs with him! We had a good time. He enjoyed dropping the eggs in the dye and making different colors with the food dye! It always amazes me how innocent and fun-loving a three year old can be!!!

It is back to work tomorrow for me- At least it is only a four day work week and then another nice weekend to come :)

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  1. yay for your savings! that is awesome! yay! I ordered a coupon organizer I'm going to get super organized real soon w/ my coupons!

    big decisions? trust me...I know all about those. I just made a huge one when I decided to go back to teaching! I followed my heart--let's hope it's led me in the right direction!

    does your decision have to do with your job?