Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Here Comes The Sun"

What a wonderful Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so nice to see the bright, wonderful sun shining today. We have had too many snowy or rainy days than I care to remember. So, much to my surprise I walked out of work to enjoy some nice warm, sunny weather. The temperature in my car said 66 degrees! Which only meant one thing.... a wonderful drive with the top down :) It was so nice to have the sun warming my face and the wind in my hair! I can not wait until spring and summer- best time for my wonderful little car!!!

Rusty was lucky enough to get off of work early this afternoon which allowed him to really enjoy the nice weather. He had some time out on our new deck with the pups! Here is a picture of the pups enjoying the deck- they loved playing with their toys and laying in their bed, soaking up the sun!

Here is another pictures for your enjoyment. The other day Sophia fell asleep on Rusty's lap in this position- we had to take a picture, enjoy :)

Now we are just sitting here and enjoying some good TV shows- 24, American Idol, and LOST!!!! Tuesdays are great nights for TV!

One a side note- I have found a new love, yogurt covered raisins! They are soooo good! The funny thing is, I have never liked raisins until I found this new love. I guess everyone/everything changes with time....

Now, here is the video that inspired the title of this blog. Just listening to it puts a smile on my face, and I hope yours too!!!! I am not a huge Beatles fan, but this a good, classic song!

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