Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday :)

I always get excited to do my Thursday post, "Thoughts for Thursday". It means two things- I can ramble about whatever I want (and hopefully you all will still read) and it means that we are only one day away from the WEEKEND!!!!! So, here it goes....

- I had to stay late at work tonight, I stayed to run a hospice volunteer training session. It was nice to see some new, bright faces that are eager to get started! We depend on volunteers to help us serve our patients and their families, so it was nice to be apart of their training.

- Lets talk about Idol! This season started off pretty slow for me, but is finally starting to pick up. I really like Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynche, Didi Benami, Crystal Bowersox, and Casey James. Tim Urban is growing on me, I really liked his performance this past week. We will see who gets voted off this week (I am actually watching it as I write this blog!)

- Now some time for LOST: what a GREAT show! Every week we learn something new. I am getting a little nervous though.... only nine more episodes left and we still have lots to learn and I still have LOTS of questions. I can't wait to see how it is going to end, but will be sad to see it come to an end!

- I am really looking forward to this weekend! Rusty and I are going out to eat with our best friends, Julie and Danny, on Friday night. We are going to try this steakhouse in York for the first time- should be a good time! On Saturday night we are heading to Holleywood Casino in Harrisburg with our neighbors. We will be celebrating our neighbors birthday! Should be a good time- I will be showing my love to the penny and dime slots!!!

- Rusty and I continue to LOVE 24- the new TV show that Rusty and I have become addicted to. We have started watching the show from the beginning- we have finished season one and two and will be starting season three soon! I can not wait.... lets see what trouble Jack is able to get himself into this season...

- On a side note, almost all of our snow has finally melted in our yard. We only have one strip left along side of our driveway. I never thought this day would come after all the snow we got!!! My heard goes out to Ashley in Alaska who is still getting more and more snow! On another side note, I can not wait for Ashley to have her baby girl!!! I can not believe that it will only be a few more days, but I am sure it doesn't feel like a few more days for poor Ashley!

I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts on this lovely Thursday evening. I came home to some exciting news from Rusty- he wants to go to breakfast tomorrow morning at Dutch Corner! One of my favorite places to go for breakfast in Manchester- it will def. be super yummy :) Worth getting up an extra hour early!!!!

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  1. I am jealous you went to Dutch Corner! What did you have?