Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome Spring..... and yes I am Alive!!

I want everyone to know (well all my blog readers) that I am alive! I know it had been awhile since my last post (Tuesday), so needless to say I am much overdue!! I have been super busy the past week!
Enough about being busy- how about this wonderful weather we are having!!!??? I just love it! I have been able to drive home from work with my top down on my car just about everyday this week!!! I absolutely love it!!! Thank goodness that Friday was a nice day and I was able to cruise home with the top down.... it made my TERRIBLE ride home a little better. Traffic was terrible on 83 (accident) which ended up taking me over two hours to get home!!! Talk about annoying.... especially on a Friday night!!!
Rusty and I have been enjoying this nice weather by taking full advantage of our deck. We built our deck at the end of the summer last year and were not able to use it too much before the weather got cold, so we have been loving life this past week. We have enjoyed dinner outside on the deck just about every night- the dogs even love it!! Friday night Julie came over and enjoyed some dinner with us outside and then Sunday night our neighbors came over for a cook out!! We even watched some episodes of 24 on our lap top outside.... does that make us dorks??? If so.... too bad, we had a good time!
Nothing else too exciting going on- just watching Amazing Race and then heading to bed to start another work week!!! Have a good week :)

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  1. I am so glad you were able to enjoy the weather after working all weekend. I hate that you work the weekends, I miss our fun!