Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Weekend Through Pictures!

I had a busy but fun weekend! Here are some highlighted events of my weekend through pictures!

Friday night Rusty and I had dinner at the house when we got home from work and then headed to Target. I had not been to Target in FOREVER!!!! We had to get a few things for the house and a birthday present for our niece, Ava. Her first birthday party was this weekend... pictures to come later in this blog! While at Target, I spotted a cute purse that I decided to pick up. My wonderful husband Rusty decided to model it for you all.... I hope you enjoy these "special" pictures!

Saturday I worked at Mercy- it was a pretty good shift, not too bad. I was on-call from 3-9pm Saturday night and then again 9am-9pm on Sunday. I was hoping for a quiet day on Sunday since my niece's birthday party was at 1pm. Go figure- I had a quiet morning and then got my first call right at 1:15pm when I arrived at Ava's party :(
I had to coordinate a pretty involved psych placement- needless to say, I ended up not having to go down to Mercy but was working on the phone (off and on) until
8:oopm. This picture says it all....this is how I spent a lot of my time on Sunday!

I was able to get some cute pictures of little Ava celebrating her first birthday!!! She is so darn cute- just so happy :) She loved our presents- we got her a "my first baby doll", two books, and a DVD. She liked the baby doll the best!!!

Here is a picture of Ava getting ready to enjoy her birthday cake with Rusty's parents!

After we got home from the birthday party, I still had some stuff to tie up with the psych placement but we were able to enjoy some episodes of 24 between phone calls!! We are totally into this show... we joke about Nina Myers and Jake Bauer all the time!!! I guess you just have to be in our little world of jokes- but hey that is what I love about our relationship :) We have four episodes left on season two and then will be moving onto season three!! I just hope that each season is able to keep us on our toes like the first two!!

My lovely little pups also took some time out of their busy day of rest to entertain us with some cute pictures!! They are so darn cute! I just wish that I was able to love as cute when I lay around the house, haha!

As we end our Sunday, we took some time to catch up on Amazing Race. We have become so hooked on 24 that we missed last weeks episodes (we were busy watching 24). Thank goodness for DVR. I am really starting to love the cowboys- they are just so darn sweet and innocent and have been able to pull off first place for two weeks in a row!!!

I hope you enjoyed my weekend through pictures! I hope you all had great weekends as well. I hate that weekends always seem to fly by and then work week is here before we know it.... but such is life, I guess!


  1. I love the cowboys too--they are so sweet!!! Cute purse, and Rusty looks so darn cute modeling should let him borrow it :o)

  2. A little shopping, a little fun, and a lot of love, looks like you had a fabulous weekend!